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Integrity is an Australian designer label dedicated to timeless style for the confident, modest and beautiful.

Established in 2010 by best friends, designers, and sisters Howayda and Hanadi, Integrity was borne out of the need for modest yet fashion-forward clothing. Within a year of opening a small store, they moved to their flagship store in Bankstown Central which is currently one of the longest-running modest fashion boutiques in Australia. The brand quickly grew from an Australian based following to servicing loyal customers across the globe. Integrity offers a collection of women’s Ready-to-Wear that ranges from day to night. Each Integrity design is a labour of love, with Howayda and Hanadi involved in every element of
production from design to fabric selection and the manufacturing process. With trendsetting and high-end designs, Integrity is the place to go for a unique and feminine look.

Howayda and Hanadi’s design journey began at a very young age, with Hanadi recalling her earliest fashion memories of playing with fabric around the home. Having a mother who is a talented dressmaker meant that they were brought up with a fashion influence. They started making original designs from as young as 15 years old. A close-knit team, Howayda and Hanadi are truly a dynamic duo who value the support that their parents gave them to follow their dreams Both have an academic background in fashion equipping them with the knowledge to approach their business and designs with professionalism and a high industry standard. When they first took steps to opening up the first modest fashion store in Sydney, they were met with much criticism from close family and friends and were turned away by an industry professional who believed there was no market for modest fashion. Despite these challenges, their resolve strengthened as they felt the need to address the lack of diversity in modest attire


They confidently returned to the industry professional who initially challenged their vision and expressed that they were “going to do it no matter what.” Since then, he has become their mentor and close friend, and they successfully opened the first modest fashion boutique in Sydney, which is currently the longest-running in Australia. Their approach has seen Integrity appeal to a broad audience that crosses cultural barriers. They often have Muslim and non-Muslim customers at their store who appreciate the modest, classy, and feminine clothing at Integrity. Their ongoing success may be attributed to their pioneering approach to modest clothing, continually redefining what it means to be fashionably modest.


2010: Opening
2011: Flagship store in Bankstown opened
2012: Featured in Faith, Fashion, Fusion exhibition at Powerhouse Museum
2015: Indonesian Fashion Week

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